Talent Recruitment is Great With Julie Zuckerberg

The idea of finding someone to work for a company can be complicated for some, but for Julie Zuckerberg it is all in a day’s work. She has done more with the talent acquisition opportunities that she has had throughout her career than she was able to do with any of the other jobs that she held. Offering her talent acquisition opportunities and being able to recruit people is something that Zuckerberg specializes in and something that she is good at. Because of the way that Julie Zuckerberg studied for the options that she has and for the people who she works for, she has been able to show the best opportunities to everyone who participates in different jobs.


Julie Zuckerberg started her interest in talent acquisition when she was at the City University of New York. She found out what she liked about acquiring talent and being able to recruit. Since she was studying philosophy, she felt that it was something that fit in with what she wanted to be able to do. She also felt like she would be able to do more if she continued her education with a law school and did just that so she would be able to learn as much as possible.


Right out of law school, Julie was working as a talent acquisitor. She knew what she was looking for with the majority of people in the company that she did business with. When she was working with Hudson, she proved over and over again that she would be able to do more with the options that she had. She showed them that she was great at talent acquisition and that she would be the perfect recruiter for the company since she had first begun working with them. It was a great start to the career that she was going to have.


She saw a lot of success with Hudson but she did not see any chance of being able to do more with the company. Because of the options that she had with the company and because of the way that she was able to do things with the company, she decided to move on to new things. It was a great way for Julie Zuckerberg to see what all there was in the city and what the different companies were able to offer her. She learned a lot of information about working as a recruiter while she was doing business with Citi as well as the New York Life Insurance company.


Julie Zuckerberg eventually settled on the Deutsche Bank. This was somewhere that she knew she was going to spend the rest of her career and it gave her the chance to be able to feel comfortable with the job that she had. When she first began working with the company, she learned as much as possible about talent recruitment in the banking world. He experience at Citi helped her with the talent aspect of working in a banking environment.


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