Mr. Norman Pattiz – The Exemplary Founder Of PodCastOne

Mr. Norman Pattiz has played a key role in founding PodCastOne. Mr. Pattiz is the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Mr. Pattiz has got a vast experience of more than forty years in radio partnership. Mr. Norman Pattiz has also discovered Westwood One. This company under his guidance has become the biggest provider of news, entertainment, and traffic programming in the Broadcast industry in America.

Westwood One has managed NBC radio networks, CBS News, CNN Radio, NFL Football, Super Bowl and an array of talk shows and music. There has been a range of elaborate studies searching for the advertising results with the primary consumer brands in 5 various service and product groups. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The first study of the campaign brand for podcast advertisers was done in the later part of the year 2016. It had a significant effect on advertising of podcasts on the brands.

Some of the relevant research conducted from the various studies have at least 60 percent of the listeners in a grocery brand. The knowledge of the product enhanced from pre-study to post-study by at least 47 percent.

The awareness of a campaign improved by 60 percent in the product for the automobiles. There had been three distinct studies in the year 2016 on account of PodcastOne to inspect the impact of advertising of PodCast for at least five national brands. These brands are highly reputed. The less famous brands search for enhanced trial.

The surveys conducted by the patrons of many podcasts are done before the advertising of the podcast campaigns. The outcome of the battles before and after the studies have exhibited that the podcast sponsors like the brand messages. They exhibit the keen interest in taking into consideration the buying of the brands.

The primary focus has been to do make sure that the podcast design gives the best effect to the brand that is more than the conventional formats. There is the multi-layer approach to the measurement and advertising. We can have the partnership with PodcastOne and have 5 of the top notch brands to gauge the effect of publicity of podcasts.

Our techniques enabled us to research these patrons before and after the campaigns. We could exhibit that Podcast advertising can have an effect on some of the measures. PodCastOne is the reputed advertiser of the podcast network. It was discovered by Mr. Norman Pattiz. The network consists of more than 340 hours of programming.

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