How Mike Baur Helps Fellow Entrepreneurs Launch New Companies

Mike Baur grew up in Friborg, Sweden. He spent several years in the world of private banking before deciding he’d rather do something else with his life. That “something else” was helping fellow entrepreneurs develop companies around groundbreaking new technology that could transform industries. He is a Co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory which helps digital entrepreneurs launch their companies through engaging in their three-month accelerator program.

Mike Baur has compared putting together a new business as being similar to creating a watch. The task is completed by putting each piece together in a way that makes the whole functional and beautiful. He co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with two business partners, Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. The company is based in Zurich and was established in December 2014. He has said that there are other businesses like his but they are backed by the government rather than privately like their company. He says their way is superior because it’s more entrepreneurial, effective, nimble, and not bogged down in bureaucracy. They specialize in the earliest stages of a business being put together by a sole entrepreneur or partnership. The entrepreneur(s) are put through a three-month acceleration program where Swiss Startup Factory provides them with the office space and business services they need to thrive. They are also coached on how to put together an effective pitch for their product that they deliver to venture capitalists as a way to get funding for their fledgling company. Additionally, Mike Baur and his team at Swiss Startup Factory have developed a wide network of venture capitalists they can pitch as well as entrepreneurs who can help them improve their products and/or services as well as provide mentoring on how to start and sustainably run a company.

It was in the private banking industry that Mike Baur got his professional start. He started his career as a banker at UBS in Friborg. Eventually, he was promoted to the assistant of the Managing Director of the company. He then joined another Swiss bank, Clariden Leu, as a Business Area Head. His success led to him becoming the company’s Head of Private Banking in May 2011. He also served in this role at Sallfort Privatbank AG before deciding to exit the private banking industry and becoming an entrepreneur.



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