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This is Paul Mampilly we’re talking about here, finance representative talking about the benefits of having health insurance as there are many Americans out there who do not have health insurance; this is a huge risk they take on by not having this type of coverage. Insurance can cover anything from illnesses, like cold and flu, all the way up to some surgeries and procedures that may be necessary. In fact, healthcare costs in the United States have been at a rising rate of 6 percent a year whereas inflation has really only been rising by 3 to 4 percent a year; so, we can see that those with these rising costs outpace inflation.

How important can it be to have health insurance to cover a lot of these needs that can arise during the course of your daily life? According to, there are helpful portable health insurance plans out there for individuals with low income who cannot afford health insurance; there is Medicaid for those two can qualify. So, when looking at health insurance, look for something that makes sense for you. If you will lower your income to find out what’s right for you and go with a healthcare provider that you can trust, then so be it. Do this with a low co-pay with no deductibles that can provide you immediate coverage should you have a need – and going to the hospital in the covered bridge is also an important thing to consider as whatever additional coverages these healthcare plans may work for you. They will include things like maternal care, pregnancies, dental vision and also prescriptions as well as any outstanding coverage in turn.

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