The Works of Roberto Santiago: Accomplished Writer, Editor, and Film Director

Born in 1968 in Madrid, Spain, Roberto Santiago is an established playwright, scriptwriter, and film director. He attended School of Letters of Madrid and Complutense University where he studied literary creation and image and sound, respectively. He has also produced several movies, video clips, and has been an editor for several advertising agencies in Spain as well as a television screenwriter.


The Los Futbolísimos collection — an intriguing football novel — is one of his most successful works, among others. It is a children literature book that has grown to his best-selling works in Spain. It has become an editorial phenomenon that has been translated into several languages. His first adult novel, Ana, has been translated into several languages and published in countries such as Poland, Italy, France, etc. It’s about a controversial female lawyer who returns to the courtroom to defend her brother who is accused of murdering a casino director.

He’s currently working on a children’s book titled ” The Saga of The Outsiders of Time.” Other notable works in his writing career are Jon and the machine of fear, a children’s book that won the Edebè Prize in the category. Other works include Under Fire Of the bullets, I will think of you, Alexandra and the seven tests, the dream of Ivan (one of the most recent), The Thief of Lies, The World According Claudio collection, and The Protectors (won the 2016 Steamboat Awards).


Roberto Santiago is a decorated film director. The first film he directed — a short film titled Roulette — got an official presentation at the Cannes Film Festival. Other notable works in his film career include the winner of the award for best film at the Oregon Horror Festival, La Cosecha (an independent horror comedy), At the End of the Road (a movie he entirely shot himself), the Robert Louis Stevenson novel-based Suicide Club, and The longest penalty in the world. This last film was nominated for the Best Screenplay at Goya. In addition to all this, Roberto Santiago has been involved in the writing and directing of numerous television series.


Ana, one of Roberto’s masterpieces has been a commercial success in many parts of the world. Though the book is pure fiction, Roberto says it has been inspired by the real-life experiences of people he knows. When he was writing the book, he spent a lot of time in the casino learning how to bet first hand to make the book as real as ever.

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