Lori Senecal Shows That Business Is About Giving Good Ideas The Room To Grow

Being creative with regard to one’s approach to business matters if for no other reason than the chaos of the modern business world means that every company, every employee and every executive must be prepared for change. Old business strategies that yielded results for decades might no longer be useful as businesses deal with a world and a business environment that is constantly changing due in part to technology. Technological advances can be incredibly helpful to the business world by creating new products that can improve production or make the act of operating a business much easier. However the changes that are ushered in by technological advances can also transform the market in ways that can damage the business models that companies and industries have depended on in order to make money. All of these factors can actually make it very difficult to identify a single static strategy that will work because things change so quickly. The best way for a company to deal with this is to always have a well of ideas that can be transformed into possible solutions to business problems. The best way to generate ideas is to be creative and to give employees the room to try new things. Ideas, perspective and skills are needed from everyone because no one knows where a solution to a pressing problem might come from. Check out Forbes to know more.

Creativity is not necessarily about aesthetics but rather it is about being able to formulate ideas that are inventive and that can potentially drive solutions that no one else sees. While there may be some businesses that have been slow to embrace the notion of creativity the advertising company CP + B is not one of those businesses. This is probably due in no small part to one of the company’s senior leaders Lori Senecal. Lori Senecal holds a senior leadership position at the firm CP + B where she spends her time overseeing the wellbeing of the company’s operations that are located in foreign markets. Lori has been able to provide the sort of sound leadership that has allowed CP +B to continue producing advertising campaigns that are groundbreaking and full of promise. Follow her on Twitter

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