Securus Succeeds Under the Leadership of Rick Smith

Rick came into Securus after consideration for the CEO position due to his educational background as well as previous experience in security. This combined with an undying dedication has seen him drive and steer Securus into a path of success in providing great services to correctional facilities. Before coming into the company, he had been serving in other institutions and companies in various capacities such as finance, operations, telecommunications, and technology among others. It was during these years that he was able to develop his leadership skills, which has been helpful in his Securus leadership.


Securus technology has its base in Dallas, and it is well known for offering varied products to the correctional facilities that it serves. The company is known to serve more than 2600 correctional facilities, which translates, to serving over a million inmates. Thanks to Securus, inmates and correctional facility officers can enjoy unique services.


The company has continually been providing these correctional facilities with advanced technology that makes it easy for them to perform their functions adequately. The package of products includes an incident management technology, biometric analysis services, better communication technology. Emergency response technology as well as a monitoring system. The company has also been able to supply the facilities with an inmate’s self-service system which makes it convenient for the inmates to access crucial services.


A lot of the success experienced at Securus is attributed to excellent leadership, which has sent the company to grow steadily. It is noted for its leadership role in providing correctional facilities with the right services, which makes it, stand out from its competition. It has a domestic call center that is managed by its own staff. The company is known to invest in training of its staff, which makes it possible for services to be smooth and perfect.


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