What Drives The Brown Agency Forward in the Modeling Industry

Modeling is not an easy career to embark on. The industry is filled with thousands of dreams that fade into darkness, and just a few people make it to the light. It takes true talent and a brave soul to even consider a modeling career, which is part of the reason a model needs to entrust his or her dream to the right modeling agency. There are a number of modeling agencies out there and choosing can be overwhelming, which is something the Brown Agency knew before it opened its doors.


The Brown Agency was born in 2010 in Austin, Texas. This definitely gave hope to some of the young talent that exists in Austin and the neighboring communities. It is easy to believe that the only hot spots for modeling and commercial talent are in Los Angeles or New York, but that is changing. Austin is an incredibly large city that is growing beyond what people expected, which is making it a great place to find talent. This was something the Brown Agency understood as it was opening its doors in the city.


It did not take long for the Brown Agency to become a leader in this industry, and most of its leaders would say it has something to do with the company’s core values. This modeling agency started with the idea that less is always more. It started with the idea that having standards and demanding excellence is going to pay off in the long run.


It decided that the company would only take in those with true talent and help nurture this talent. This, the company felt, was something that was lacking in the modeling and commercial talent industry. The company’s dedication to finding talent has led them to work with some of the biggest brands in the world. Their ability to work with such brands have helped solidify their agency amongst those who are seeking a career in this world, which has factored into why Austin is becoming such a hot spot for talent and real work. The company feels, at least, partly responsible for putting Austin on the map like it has never been before.


The company has worked with Dell, Loreal, and even Louis Vuitton, which definitely says a lot about their pedigree. It should be noted that the modeling agency has also provided models for runways across the United States, such as the Dallas Fashion Week and the New York Fashion Week just to name a few shows. There is no telling how far the company is going to go, but it seems to be growing, which is quite exciting for the hard-working people behind the Brown Agency. You can visit their Instagram page.


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