Securus Technologies: Protecting the Prisons and the Adjacent Communities

Securus Technologies have developed a new product that will enable correctional facilities to deter the number of drones which are trying to deliver contrabands inside their vicinity. The jail officers who are looking after these correctional facilities have complained about the rising number of drones seen near their area. The first time they have seen one drone flying around the prison, they knew something is wrong. The jail officers started to investigate, and after careful observations, they found out that the drones are being used by the prisoners to deliver contrabands like illegal drugs, deadly weapons, and cell phones.



They have tried to confiscate these products in the past, but the drones would only deliver new contrabands. The jail officers though that they would have to level up their game and told the management at Securus Technologies about the problem that they are experiencing. The company answered with assurance that they are now working on a technology that would stop these things from coming near the prison. After careful planning and researching, Securus Technologies soon found out a way on how to deter these small flying devices. They used the same technology applied to their wireless containment systems, and after several experimental run, the drone detector showed positive results.



These devices have the ability to shut off these drones which are being used to deliver contrabands. Securus Technologies have stated that the security of everyone is their priority, and they would never allow drones to be used for criminal purposes. The company have admitted though that the prisoners are also advancing their technology and methods on how to acquire these contrabands. The jail officers need to exercise their skills in catching these prisoners, because it will be a big problem for the jail officers once a prison riot breaks out, just because a small drone carried out and thrown a deadly weapon inside a high security facility.


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