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Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, which is one of the most flamboyant and provocative makeup lines on the Internet. She is also the self titled “Unicorn Queen” that reigns over the beauty world like a pastel haired CEO on a mission to rock the beauty industry with bold and dazzling color lines. Deere was born in Russia, but moved to the United States during her teens. Over the years, Doe Deere embarked on several careers that ranged from rock band member, fashion designer to makeup mogul. Today, Doe Deere manages her makeup company out of an office in Los Angeles, California.


Doe Deere’s Goals

First, let’s take a look at Doe Deere’s goals, when she started her makeup line back in 2008. Her ultimate goal was to create a makeup line that fulfilled her desire for bold and vibrant colors that were not readily available in other makeup lines. Those were the type of colors that matched her clothing line and suited her unique style. In addition, Deere had a desire to create a line of makeup that was vegan and cruelty free. Needless to say, Deere accomplished those goals very successfully.


The Unicorn Mascot

A lot of Deere’s fans wonder about the Unicorn mascot. After all, the Unicorn is a fantasy creature. Deere relates that the Unicorn was the perfect mascot for her line of makeup. Take a look at this unique creature. The Unicorn is a beautiful, rare, and kind creature. Deere also relates that purple is a popular color with her line of makeup because it represents creativity. Thus, representing her philosophy that makeup is a creative tool to express your unique personality.


Money Matters

Today, Doe Deere runs a very successful operation. She makes money through sales online at her website and through various retail stores. In addition, her products are sold internationally too. Certainly, Doe Deere, the entrepreneur has come a long way since launching her first clothing design business through eBay back in 2004.


The Makeup Line

Doe Deere relates that her first makeup line back in 2008 was actually very basic. For example, the makeup line consisted of eye-shadow, blushes, glitter, primer, and various sizes of brushes that were promoted through online makeup tutorials. Today, the makeup line has grown considerably. Her lines biggest sellers are the Velvetines Lipsticks, Metallic Velvetines Lipsticks, Unicorn Lipstick, Venus Palettes Eye-shadows, and Unicorn Hair Tints. All those products are available on the Lime Crime website or at retail beauty shops.


About Lime Crime

Lime Crime was one of the first beauty or makeup lines to sell their cosmetics exclusively online. Doe Deere promoted her brand-name by adding makeup tutorials to her website. The makeup tutorials attracted a large following that looked forward to her new tutorials. Soon, the word spread about the new makeup line and Lime Crime developed a cult following. Today, Lime Crime is a social media darling. In addition, the company has changed the way that people view makeup. Now, makeup is regarded as a creativity tool. It’s all about the way you feel at the moment.


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