There’s Always Room for Growth for Alex Pall

Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart met in New York and became the duo now known as the Chainsmokers.

Alex has been DJing while growing up, and Drew was into DJing in college where he’d play a few shows. Then one day a friend called Drew and told him about a duo called the Chainsmokers who needed an extra guy. And so, Drew took a bus from Maine to New York where he met Alex and they instantly hit it off. Both Alex and Drew believe that they knew they’d work well together because right off the bat they got to work on their music. They’re both hard workers who put a lot of effort and time to create music because they love it and want to become great artists.

Alex claims that even though they work with songwriters, they still write most of their music and the songwriters just help to guide them. Their lyrics relate to their life experiences so that it feels 100% true, and fans can relate to them on an emotional level. Alex and Drew loved working with Halsey on the song “Closer, they feel that it’s the next big step to the right direction.

Alex is ecstatic that a wide variety of people are listening to their music. Their music age demographic is between the ages of 16 and 25, but much younger and older people also listen to them. As well as internationally, like the Philippines and South Africa. Drew says that at first they only had a certain target audience, so it wasn’t as hard, but now that they’re becoming more famous they need to really think about how their music will target all age ranges.

Alex says that they have to keep pushing themselves since genres are forever changing, and because their audience is expanding. Alex and his visualist always get together to find new ways to change up a show to make it different and exciting because they believe that you need to continue to push yourself forward or else you’ll fall behind everyone else. They must push their boundaries to give the audience a new experience.

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