Talk Fusion: The next big thing in video marketing for both big and small businesses

Talk Fusion is a video communications company that was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. Despite being a new company in the industry, their products have become popular and they are currently available in more than 147 countries across the globe. Talk Fusion has become popular in a very short time due to their ability to take advantage of the recent developments in video communication. Technology is changing by the day and more people are embracing the most modern means of communication. Video chatting tops the list of the most preferred means of communication since it is more convenient, persuasive and even cheaper. Businesses are opting for live broadcasts, video conferencing, video blogs, and autoresponders as a means of keeping tabs with their customers and employees.


The company has its headquarters in Brandon Florida. It was founded by the revered businessman, Bob Reina in 2007. Bob Reina has a wealth of experience that spans over two decades in direct sales and marketing sector. Talk Fusion has experienced steady growth over the years and it now it ranks among the top online video content providers around the globe.


Talk Fusion Products

Talk Fusion has several products but they are best known for their video conferencing and video email products. All their products are available on the Android and iOS platforms. The app is compatible with Android devices running on OS 4.4.3 and iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad, and iPods.


How to use the Talk Fusion app

Talk Fusion app is one of the easiest Video sharing tools to use. One does need any previous experience to use the app. You can either shoot a live video or upload an existing video through the app to your contacts. For live videos, you can use a phone’s camera or even a webcam. Besides, Talk Fusion provides templates that one can use to create high-end videos that will grasp the attention of your clients.


Benefits of using the app

The Talk Fusion does not only provide a platform to talk to your clients, but they also enable you to see each other. With the Talk Fusion app, you can send unlimited videos to multiple people at the same time. The app comes with lead capture tools that enable you to add new potential clients to your mailing list.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a modern video marketing tool that helps businesses to stay ahead of their competitors by increasing sales and profits. The app has various features that make marketing fun, more engaging, and persuasive. The company is offering a 30-day free trial period for anyone who wishes to try the app before subscribing to it. Learn more:

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