Lawyer Ricardo Tosto

The article is about a certain set of cases that Ricardo Tosto has recently worked on. Ricardo’s recent court hearings were based on relations. His meetings in court were about how stable marriages make cities populations strong. Tosto worked with the STJ on these important court cases. The Superior Court of Justice acknowledges Ricardo as a highly appraised lawyer. This certain case is between two people who had a stable union. Ricardo and the STJ made decisions in dividing assets. The court case was a hard battle between the plaintiff and the defense. Tensions were high for everyone in the court room. The TJRN took over the relations case. The Court of Justice in Rio Grande saw the defense as weak and unstable. The opposing side of the case won in the final judgement. Ricardo Tosto saw once again how important stable unions are for the community.


Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer that strives for honesty and justice. He has worked hard to make a name for himself in his home country. Ricardo has lived and worked in Brazil since the year 1963. He was a successful young man and earned several degrees. Ricardo earned a business degree for administration. He also studied very hard to leave college with a prestigious law degree. Over the years, he worked for several companies that practiced law. Ricardo invested in his own law firm when he had gained enough experience. Tosto wanted to become a fair and profitable business owner. He works with his firm and its employees directly as a team. Ricardo and his team of lawyers have achieved lots of success all over the country of Brazil. Ricardo Tosto continues to dedicate his time, effort, and money to greater benefit the economy of Brazil.


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