InnovaCare Health is an organization based in New Jersey. It is headed by the founder Dr. Richard Shinto. The organization partnered with The Straus Group back in 2003, having philanthropist and healthcare entrepreneur, Daniel E. Straus acting as the chairman of the board. The company has grown over the years branding its name on the map especially after they helped thousands of people in Puerto Rico in the event that claimed a lot of lives and was responsible for the displacement of thousands of Puerto Ricans. InnovaCare has medical expertise which they use to help people who may be in need of it.


For example, in Puerto Rico, after a hurricane hit the country, InnovaCare Health stepped in to help the affected people. The company’s Chief Executive Officer oversaw the programs that were put in place to help aid in providing proper healthcare to the people in need of it. In this incident, people that were affected by the flood, found solace in the hands of InnovaCare Health as it helped them in numerous ways. The ones that needed immediate medical care were treated by the experts from this organization.


A considerable number of the residents in Puerto Rico turned up at the center where InnovaCare had set up prompting InnovaCare to set up mobile clinics all over for the affected people to visit for medical checkups and treatment administration. The organization was able to do this due to the influence it has in the country. Medicare Mucho Mas (MMM), a Medicare health plan in the country, is the largest one there and it is overseen and supervised by InnovaCare Health.


InnovaCare’s Penelope Kokkinides, alongside six other women, met with President Donald Trump in the White House to discuss matters concerning healthcare. Being the Administrative Officer in InnovaCare, she understood the need for better healthcare legislation in the country. She proposed the addition of funds to the Medicare Advantage in the country to help ease the administration of this service to the Puerto Ricans.


Penelope Kokkinides also recommended that the payments made by the country’s residents should be cut down for the service to be more readily available and affordable to these people. She and other leaders in InnovaCare have helped put the organization on the map for their vigilant provision of crucial medical expertise to help improve understanding of the field and implementation of healthcare for people in need of it.


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