Betsy DeVos: the Serious Future of Education

According to a recent interview with Philanthropy, Betsy DeVos has never been more optimistic about the education system. She believes that she will be at the forefront of the movement to reform the system, even though it is apparent that she has been pushing for this to happen for quite some time. She has been an advocate for the education process for much of her adult life she found that early into her own children’s education process that there were gaps in the system that needed to be filled. Even with private schools, there are glaring problems that need to be addressed, but none compared to the problems that have been uncovered in the public-school system. She feels very strongly that the system is in need of a massive overhaul that may require students to begin enrollment in alternative school systems in order to change their original public schools.


Betsy DeVos believes in education and at one point she believed in the public school system as well, but today it feels as though many of the teachers for these education institutions are phoning it in. While they do have a guaranteed amount of students that attend their facility every single year, Betsy DeVos feels as though this might change in the future. More parents are looking at alternative education options for their students because of the sharp decline in educational standards that have been present in recent years. Her work in this sector has shown that school choice models are more appropriate for parents who are looking for an alternative avenue to educate their children after their own public systems fail.


Betsy DeVos wants parents to understand that while the thought of enrolling their children in a private program seems scary, it can be an affordable option as well as a beneficial one. Instead of looking at new charter schools or public schools that are popping up all over the country, she urges readers to look into established institutions. These institutions have already recent equilibrium with their costs, so their tuition is going to be on the lower end. Additionally, since they are in the private sector they still maintain these stringent educational standards that would make them much better than the public schools in the area. She is also an advocate for the homeschooling option that parents may not know is available to them. Instead of enrolling their children in a lackluster program, parents have the option of educating their children on their own. They can do this with support from a virtual school or they can follow their own program. The choices are up to them, but it would put them in a place where they can educate their children in a way that is pertinent to them. What better person to teach a child about the world than their parent, someone who already understands the way that they learn information best. Betsy DeVos is a champion for education because she understands how important it is to the overall future of society and the next generation.


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