How Igor Cornelsen Became a Genius on Investment Matters

When most people are investing in different ways, they just think of how rich they would become. They forget that investments shouldn’t just make people rich, but they should also help them to store wealth for the next generations. You know you have invested well if you have kept some wealth that would sustain your children and grandchildren for years. One way to make this happen is by investing in the stock market. Igor Cornelsen is one great investor who believes in investing for the next generation. However, he cautions that people need to be guided when investing in the stock market especially if they live in a country like Brazil where the economy is volatile or complex.

Without the help of a master investor like Igor, you may not make it in the stock market. Igor has been in the industry for more than 40 years, and the things he has learned are great. He knows what one can do to generate wealth in this industry and what can erode it away. Many people in Brazil look up to Igor as the most experienced person to seek advice from when planning to invest in the stock market. The number of forks Igor has made rich in South America is countless.

The kind of insight Igor Cornelsen has in business, banking sector, and the stock market in Brazil is exceptional. He got such an insight from the many years he has worked in the banks, corporations, and other businesses. Igor was born on 4th October 1947, in Curitiba, Brazil. He then went to Parana Federal University in 1965 for an engineering course. There was no other university or college offering engineering courses in Parana and Santa Catarina at this time. For this reason, being a student at Federal University was a highly coveted achievement.

In his 2nd year of engineering studies, he decided to switch to economics. He graduated in 1970 and got an opportunity to work in an investment bank. By this time, anyone with some engineering skills was a hot cake in the banking sector since computers were not mainly used. Engineering students could use their slide rules to determine compound interest rates. Due to his immense expertise on investment matters, Igor Cornelsen has worked at Libra Bank PLC, formerly known as London Merchant Bank, as an investment advisor.

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