Whitney Wolfe Has Created One Of The Fastest Growing Dating Platforms

Whitney Wolfe is well known for being one of the former founders of the massively popular dating app, Tinder. Today, Whitney is no longer a member of the Tinder team, but she has successfully developed one of the top competitors in the market for dating apps known as Bumble. The inspiration behind Bumble came from an unfortunate incident that Whitney Wolfe experienced while working at Tinder and it turns out her idea was exactly what the industry was needing. Bumble was launched in 2014 and it has since become one of the fastest growing dating apps on the market that has even added companion apps for building friendships and professional relationships. For her work and inspiration to women around the world, Whitney Wolfe has received several accolades and was named on Forbes list of 30 under 30. Read this article at vogue.com to know more about Wolfe.

Bumble has been improved a lot over the past four years since it released, but its main premise has stayed the same, which is giving the control to women using the app. No longer can men start up conversations with every single girl they see or even worse, harass girls that do not respond or give answers that they like. This will remain a core aspect of Bumble for as long as it exists and it has really gained a lot of traction, especially for women looking into dating apps. Whitney’s innovation one of the leading has made her executives the country in and one of the richest women as well.

There are various other dating platforms on the market today, including Tinder which Whitney Wolfe played a role in creating, but none of the offer women a safe and secure method for conversing with men. Nearly all other dating platforms have the same complaints from their users, mostly women. Most often, this comes down to men being harassing or overbearing with their approaches, including derogatory comments or behavior. Bumble will always give women the freedom to stay out of harm’s way and make contact whenever they feel ready and comfortable and it is currently Bumble’s biggest selling point.

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