Improving Behavior One Class Dojo At A Time

Teachers and parents used to rely on the means of pen and paper to sort through a child’s behavior at school. A teacher would send a note home, and the parent would write back. In today’s world we have so much technology that this has really changed. Now we have internet, email, and even apps. One of these apps is known as Class Dojo. This article is going to tell you about Class Dojo and how it helps parents and teachers today communicate.

Class Dojo is a communication application that makes it a lot easier for parents and teachers to communicate. If there is an issue going on with a child in class the teacher can simply bring up the app and immediately notify the parent. Teachers also communicate school projects and homework this way. Another thing that teachers like to use this app for is if there is an event going on, they can easily notify parents. Parents love the app because teachers can share pictures with the parents. This is an easy way for parents to keep up with how their child is doing in school.

Class Dojo was started by two men, Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don. It can be found in over thirty countries and is continuing to spread quickly. The app is offered in over thirty languages. They have recently added messaging to the app.s The app is an easy way for students to register for classes as they move up in school as well. Class Dojo is really changing the way we communicate with our teachers and school faculty.

Class Dojo was created with parents and teachers in mind. We all have busy schedules, and anything that makes our lives a little easier is great. An app like this is ideal because you can easily check in with your kids at any point during your day. Keeping up with your kid and your kid’s school helps you to keep peace of mind. Class Dojo is really a turning point in parent and teacher communication.

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