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Drew Madden: Why Joining the American Healthcare Industry as an Entrepreneur is Lucrative

The American healthcare industry has been debated on for quite some time now. The reasons being the government’s healthcare spending per person—$9,237—and the continued increase in spending year after year that have not translated to the superior quality of life for Americans. America has a life expectancy of less than 80. Japan’s modest healthcare spending […]

Lawyer Ricardo Tosto

The article is about a certain set of cases that Ricardo Tosto has recently worked on. Ricardo’s recent court hearings were based on relations. His meetings in court were about how stable marriages make cities populations strong. Tosto worked with the STJ on these important court cases. The Superior Court of Justice acknowledges Ricardo as […]

Doe Deere – Article recap

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, which is one of the most flamboyant and provocative makeup lines on the Internet. She is also the self titled “Unicorn Queen” that reigns over the beauty world like a pastel haired CEO on a mission to rock the beauty industry with bold and dazzling […]

Securus Technologies: Protecting the Prisons and the Adjacent Communities

Securus Technologies have developed a new product that will enable correctional facilities to deter the number of drones which are trying to deliver contrabands inside their vicinity. The jail officers who are looking after these correctional facilities have complained about the rising number of drones seen near their area. The first time they have seen […]

The Life Of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. SaadSaad is a retired pediatric surgeon. He had a very prestigious career which took place in the state of New Jersey. He says that he learned a lot of life lessons during his career which he has been sure to pass on to each of his children. He was a surgeon for 47 years […]

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